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About Prama Jyoti

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Prama Jyoti Foundation was started to support, motivate and complement educational efforts in Primary Education and Higher Education Sector in India through financial assistance, advisory services as well as student counseling & interaction. To extend special assistance in establishing and supporting the Institutions for Vocational Studies in rural India which will go a long way in preparing / enhancing the skills of rural youth for future jobs or to aid in starting their own business.

Pram Jyoti is also getting engaged in establishing and supporting the Institutions for Vocational Studies in rural India which will go a long way in preparing / enhancing the skills of rural youth for future jobs or to aid in starting their own business.

Prama Jyoti believes that Alumni can play a very important role in the lives of existing students of any institution and therefore most of the projects of Prama Jyoti are the efforts of Alumni.

Prama Jyoti feels that students are not merely looking for financial assistance but expect much more guidance to shape their destinies. And therefore Prama Jyoti is not only concentrating on the financial support but also moving with the idea to guide , support , handhold and share experiences with students to help them decide & manage their objectives & careers .

Prama Jyoti has started / committed following projects:

1. IIT-R : For the year 2010 , Prama Jyoti has started 20 awards at IIT R and has also established a Travel Grant to be awarded to students attending Conferences / Seminars / workshops in India and abroad.

Prama Jyoti has created a panel of Alumni committed to interact with students to guide , support and handhold them towards their professional career. Such interactions are done through email / videoconferencing as well as personal meetings at IIT-R.

2. Schools

Prama Jyoti has undertaken the task of upgrading the school infrastructure including computerization for education of students for the following schools:

a.     Primary School at Chakiya , Distt Mirzapur (view gallery)

b.    Montessori School , Nagina , Distt Bijnor

c.     Queens College , Varanasi

d.    Government Inter College , Barabanki

In addition several scholarships and awards are established to encourage students as well as teachers.

Prama Jyoti is also discussing few other projects in the area of Vocational studies. One such project under discussion is near Kanpur.

Prama Jyoti is undertaking projects on long term basis and has committed finances of approx Rs. 9 Lac for every coming year to support its initiatives .

Name : Prama is one name of Goddess Saraswati and Jyoti is to bring light of knowledge. The two have been combined to arrive at the name of foundation.

Logo : the design of the logo captures the commitment to carry the light of knowledge with the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.

About SAAR

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SAAR(Students Alumni Association of Roorkee) is a unique initiative of Prama Jyoti Foundation. SAAR has been planned and developed with active involvement of IITR students. The main objective of SAAR platform is to encourage students’ ideas and help in transforming those ideas into final products & services through funding by Alumni community. SAAR believes that every idea should be treated at nascent stage itself for extraordinary results and it also believes that Alumni are the best placed to support the ideas of students.

It all began in Delhi, when around a dozen alumni met up as usual fondly reminiscing the old days and the times they spent together in Roorkee. But in duwe course of time the topic shifted from nostalgia to the challenges of getting younger alumni and students involved, a long standing problem which required an immediate solution.

That’s when Mr.Ravi Sharma, a distinguished alumnus of IIT Roorkee came Up with the idea of creating this platform.

SAAR believes that there is a huge opportunity to integrate the alumni and student communities and create synergies and possibilities that are not fully leveraged today.

  • To develop an enterpreneurial mind-set among students with a motive to change the passive campus environment.
  • To serve as a medium facilitating alumni-alumni, student-alumni and student-student interaction and foster a sense of bonding and kinship among the current and ex-students of the almamater.
  • To help students get the guidance and mentorship regarding their careers and success of their innovative pursuits.