The Growing up years


Ravi was born in 1962 inside a kuchcha house of an unheard of village in Uttar Pradesh India, where his father Mr Ram Sharan Sharma and mother Sushila Sharma lived on a job posting..  Most of his childhood was spent at different towns of UP where his father’s government job took them.

Ravi’s education also started from a humble village school where they sat on gunny bags and wrote with a wooden pen on a slate. Vacations and family outings meant spending time in the village at his grand parents home. The idea of having fun was running around in the village and helping his uncles in the fields under a blazing sun. This kind of living close to the nature experience during formative years shaped his character in several ways and played a great role in making him a balanced person with compassion and clear thinking that he is today.

His exposure from village to small towns to big cities, from illiteracy to education and from farming to corporate world has groomed and enhanced his personality. Ravi himself says that ‘We all are product of our exposure and exposure is a function of interaction.’ 

The wide exposure in childhood helped him develop his ever daring attitude to explore newer paths. Challenges always excited him and with his strong will power and positive energy he found no task impossible to achieve. First triumph of his will power was being proficient in written and spoken English despite being a student of Hindi medium up to his pre-engineering education. After that this became a pattern of his life in whatever he did, whether it was playing state levels and leading college Badminton team or being an active member of the college dramatic team, or a student editor of University Magazine or to become a National Television presenter.

From village school to getting into University of Roorkee, Ravi faced and overcame many challenges. During this period he discovered his own two mantras for life: “Sentiments without commitment are like words without meaning” and “Motor efficiency is maximum at full load”. He believes that these two have greatly influenced and shaped his personality & life. He always applied both of these on himself first and then on organizations he worked for which gave him a plenty of happiness & emotional growth in personal and professional life along with overall organizational growth.